Seminar第2443期 纳米光学中电磁波传播问题的间断Galerkin方法

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报告题目 (Title): Discontinuous Galerkin method for electromagnetic wave propagation problem in nano-optics(纳米光学中电磁波传播问题的间断Galerkin方法)

报告人 (Speaker):吕茂辉 特聘副研究员(北京邮电大学)

报告时间 (Time):2023年9月6日(周三) 10:00

报告地点 (Place): 校本部A101 腾讯会议号:509-917-867 (无密码)


报告摘要:In this talk, we consider the electromagnetic wave progagations in nano-optical materials. By revisiting the Hamitonian of the electron system, a self-consistent hydrodynamical Drude (SCHD) model is built to describe the the electron spill-out and tunelling effects in metallic nanostructures in the subwavelength regime. An energy stable discontinuous Galerkin method is further proposed to solve the SCHD model. Semi-discrete in space error estimates and fully discrete energy stability are established. Numerical examples are provided to demonstrate the performance of the proposed method.

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