Party & government organizations Academic Committe Teaching Steering Committee Teaching & Researching Institutes

CPC General Branch  

Leader:Fayou Zhao (Party Construction)

Deputy Leader:Cencen Wang (Student Work)

Government of Mathematics Department

Head:Honglian Zhang Department Head: Zhang Honglian (Overall work, HR, Finance, Discipline and Administration)

Vice Head:

Xiaoxia Wang (Undergraduate Education)

Jiancai Sun (Discipline Construction, Foreign Affairs, Cooperation & Exchange Work, Production Education  & Research)

Zi Xu ( (Scientific Research)

Xinxiang Li (Graduate Education, Discipline Construction)

Gen Lai (Post Doctoral Management, Information Work, Laboratory Construction &Safety Work, Assets, Logistics Support)

General Administration Office

General Secretary:Wenjian Qian (66133292)
Teaching Secretary:Wangmei Xu (66134715)
Research Secretary:Danqing Cao (66136522)
Administration Secretary:Lingji Lou (66133900)

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