2017 Short Course on Tensor Analysis Opens

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The opening ceremony of 2017 Short Course on Tensor Analysis took place in room G507 on April 17th. The Department of Mathematics and the International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory (IRCTMT) of Shanghai University hosted the opening ceremony and welcomed about 80 graduate students and faculty members from more than 50 domestic institutions, including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Nankai University, Tianjin University, Lanzhou University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai University, etc. The short course was locally organized by Qing-Wen Wang (Department head and the director of IRCTMT), Jiancai Sun, Xiying Yuan, Xiaomei Jia, Fuping Tan and Minghua Lin. The instructors of the short course came from the research team led by Prof. Liqun Qi.
The short course was opened by Jin-Long Shu, the director of the Shanghai Degree Committee Office. He described the significance of opening such a short course and expressed his support. In particular, he highly commented the academic achievements of Prof. Liqun Qi and appreciated the visiting of his research team members. He hoped all participants cherish the chance of learning and constantly improve themselves. 
The principal instructor of the short course Prof. Liqun Qi from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University briefly introduced the wide applicability of tensor theory and state of art of the subject.
Chang-Gang Guo, the executive dean of the graduate school of Shanghai University, warmly welcomed the instructors and participants. He introduced the outlook and planning of Shanghai University and the Department of Mathematics. He wished all guests enjoy their time during the short course.
The opening ceremony was chaired by Qing-Wen Wang. He thanked the visiting of Prof. Liqun Qi and his research team for offering such a course. He also wished a great success of the short course.
The short course was financially supported by Gaoyuan Discipline of Shanghai—Mathematics.

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