Short Course Announcement: Tensor Analysis (April 16-28)

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Prof. Liqun Qi from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will give a short course on tensor analysis at International Research Center for Tensor and Matrix Theory (IRCTMT) of Shanghai University.

Time: April 16-April 28, 2017 (check-in date: April 16)

Main Instructor: Liqun Qi

Teaching Assistant: Ziyan Luo, Yannan Chen, Haibin Chen, Weiyang Ding, Chen Ouyang, Jingya Chang

Textbook: Tensor Analysis: Spectral Theory and Special Tensors

The textbook can be ordered now from http://bookstore.siam.org/ot151

Intended Audience: graduate students and interested faculty members

Classroom: G507

Information: http://math.shu.edu.cn/shortCourse2017/

For registration, please contact Minghua Lin (m_lin@i.shu.edu.cn)

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