IRCTMT Inaugurates New Collaborative Partnership with Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center from Sungkyunkwan University

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       On Thursday, December 29, 2016, a delegation from Sungkyunkwan University’s Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center (AORC) visited Shanghai University to inaugurate a new collaborative partnership with IRCTMT. A memorandum of understanding between the two research centers was signed during the meeting.
       Qing-Wen Wang, the head of the Math Department of Shanghai University and the director of IRCTMT, met with the AORC delegation led by Gi-Sang Cheon, director of AORC.  IRCTMT’s Academic Co-Chair Chi-Kwong Li also greeted the AORC delegation, which included Yongdo Lim and 7 members of AORC. The meeting was chaired by Minghua Lin from the Math department of Shanghai University.
        The Applied algebra and Optimization Research Center (AORC) was established at Sunkyunkwan University in June 2016, as a Science Research Center (SRC) in Mathematics funded by National Research Foundation of Korea and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of Korea. The center will promote collaborative research among mathematicians and practitioners.The mathematical areas of interest include combinatorial matrix theory, matrix analysis, combinatorics, graph theory, optimization, data analysis, number theory, coding theory, cryptography, and their applications in data science and information security.
        The new Collaborative Partnership Between the IRCTMT at Shanghai University and the AORC at Sungkyunkwan University aims to advance topics of common interests in mathematical sciences and other related scientific disciplines; organize joint meetings, workshops, open schools; and facilitate scholarly exchange between the two centers.

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